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Dark-Faire is a Semi-Vanilla friendly survival Minecraft server with emphasis on the community and building. The majority of our players come from Slovakia and Czech Republic so we mostly work in Slovak. And as the whole website is also in Slovak, we dedicated this page to our players who don’t speak the language but want to play on Dark-Faire.

You can find our rules and game commands below. Most of our players speak English to some degree as well, but if you find yourself in a situation where you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact our A-team either in-game or using the form at the bottom of this page.

Basic info

The server uses only the basic plugins, most of which are only necessary for administration. You as the player have access to some of their functionalities, which are described in the Commands section below, or accessible in-game by typing /commands (pages 1-4).

The world has been naturally generated based on a carefully selected seed, started on Minecraft 1.9. It’s been gradually expanded during the course of past Minecraft updates, currently it’s 18 x 18 km in size.

In the overworld, your inventory stays with you upon death, to minimize unwanted PvP consequences. This doesn’t apply to the nether, the end and to the wilderness (divočina), so mind your step. The Nether and the End are reset regularly, so we don’t recommend building any larger projects or living in these dimensions. Also, /sethome and /tpaccept are disabled in the End, to keep it challenging even for overpowered players.

PvP is enabled but it’s against our rules to abuse it (refer to rule 2). We don’t provide private protected regions (residences). You are free to explore and make use of the world, as long as you keep a distance from other players so that you don’t interfere with their building and other activities. Griefing is very rare but if you ever get griefed, report it to our admins – they will repair the damage (using CoreProtect) and punish the offenders.

Use /spawn to get to our town hall. Use /townhall to find out about its facilities (e.g. a random teleport to the world). To see the live world map, see our Dynmap here.

Server settings

Difficulty: hard (3)
Draw distance: 10 chunks
Creeper explosion: disabled
TNT explosion: enabled
Fire spread: disabled
Wither explosion: enabled
Enderman grief: enabled
Ghast explosion: enabled
Zombie door break: enabled

Auto-AFK: after 3 minutes of idling
Auto-kick: after 30 minutes of idling

Our rules

The rules of Dark-Faire have been set to help protect our players‘ interests. Reading them is mandatory for everyone, ignorance of the rules does not excuse anyone (to display them in-game, type /rules). Our rules are written more in the form of guidelines as, considering the size of our server, we are able to take individual approach in solving issues.

The A-team reserves all rights to edit the rules at any time.

1. Respect other players and basic courtesy in the game.

We do not discriminate based on age, nationality, or any other irrelevant criteria from the real world. What we care about is how you behave online. We require decency, consideration and good behaviour under any circumstances and we do not tolerate any needless attacks – neither verbal, nor physical.

We require respect towards others from everybody on the server, not only based on basic courtesy, but also in accordance with the valid Slovak legislation. We do not condone any discrimination or hate towards different groups of people, as well as any form of propagation of regimes of ideologies violating human rights. This includes written text in public chat, images, buildings, but also skins and nicknames. We mean to keep Dark-Faire a friendly place.

Courtesy does not just mean avoiding swearing, you can offend someone even without curses. Chat moderation is therefore not censored by a simple word filter and any problematic instances in the public chat are evaluated mainly based on their content.

In case you feel that any of the above principles denies you your right to free speech in the public chat, we recommend using private messages (command /w) or channels (command /ch). There is only one public chat and its correct usage is a matter of character and mutual tolerance.

2. Do not grief, do not steal, do not harass others with PvP.

PvP is fun. It won’t be fun, though, if someone keeps spoiling your enjoyment of the game by killing you constantly. Therefore, PvP is turned on in the world but is forbidden to use without the consent of all players involved. Dark-Faire is not a PvP server!

As previously mentioned, we put strong emphasis on the community and building. We want to make sure the effort and time put into people’s creations are not destroyed by griefers. Remember that everything you break or place will be recorded in a database, so always first consider what you do. We define griefing as any unwanted intervention in other people’s creations.

3. Build far from the spawn and from others.

Feel free to use the random teleporter at the spawn town hall. Its purpose is to make sure finding a place to live is easy for you. Make sure that your building and mining is not objectionable – don’t interfere in other people’s homes, don’t build too close to them (unless you know them) and keep a safe distance so you don’t upset anyone, especially if you or they are new to the server.

4. We do not tolerate cheaters and hackers.

By playing on Dark-Faire you acknowledge our rules. In the event of your breaking them, you will be sanctioned based on the gravity of your actions. Our aim is to keep the game friendly and fair for you and all others, so don’t take your punishment as a slight but as a warning. If you keep repeating the same mistakes, you may even get banned from our server.

On rare occasions your Minecraft account might be abused by someone else, like a family member or a friend, who will visit Dark-Faire and bring punishment to your name. You can dispute the sanction but do not expect to get acquitted by blaming another person. Everyone is responsible for their own Minecraft account.

Banning is also an effective way of dealing with cheaters and hackers. Fly-hack, x-ray, kill-aura and any other cheats and exploits are bannable offences. If you find anyone that does use such tools, please report them to us.

5. Keep your use of redstone and mob spawners moderate.

If you find a mob spawner, you may use it for a mob grinder (XP-farm). However, if you wait long enough and let hundreds of mobs spawn, you may cause server lags. Therefore don’t let any mobs overpopulate, either using a spawner, or by breeding animals. If you cause lag, your XP-farm will be removed without recompense. If you cause a server crash, you may even get banned completely. Our server uses a 30-minute AFK kick policy and bypassing it is also forbidden.

We use a fairly well-equipped hardware at our host’s site, but to make sure the server uptime is not threatened, avoid building overly complex redstone contraptions. The situations are varied, but the general rule is to avoid creating cyclical devices that run indefinitely.

Building automatic item sorters or long hopper lines is not recommended due to the amount of transactions the server has to check every second. Building and running systems based on perpetual pouring and collecting water using a dispenser is absolutely forbidden as it causes our grief-restore database to fill up extremely quickly. Restoring griefed property is of high priority, therefore such systems will be identified and dismantled without prior notice.

Game commands


/spawn – teleports you to spawn

/sethome home_name – sets a home (2 homes maximum, N/A in the End)

/delhome home_name – deletes a home

/home home_name – teleports you home (/h)

/tpa nick – requests a teleport of you to a player

/tpahere nick – requests a teleport of a player to you

/tpyes – accepts a teleport request (N/A in the End)

/tpno – rejects a teleport request


/w nick text – sends a private message (/m, /msg, /t)

/r text – replies to the last private message

/mail send nick text – sends a mail to nick

/mail read – shows received mails

/mail clear – deletes received mails

/ignore nick – blocks / allows private messages from a player


(click the container after executing the command, containers = chests, furnaces, dispensers, droppers, etc.)

/lock – locks a container

/unlock – removes lock on a container

/cmodify nick – gives access to a container to nick

/cpublic  makes a container public (unlockable)

/cdonation – opens a container for donations (owner can give and take, others can only give)

/cpassword password – locks a container using a password

/cpersist – toggles continuous command input mode, e.g /lock

/cinfo – displays lock info on the container

/chopper on – enables the block to work with hoppers locked by other players, and with minecarts


/motd – displays message of the day

/help – displays help

/rules – displays rules

/commands – displays commands in-game

/townhall – displays info about our spawn town hall

/who – displays info about players on server (/kto, /list)

/seen nick – displays time of player being online / offline

/afk – marks player as „away from keyboard“ (automatic after 3 minutes of idling, after 30 minutes the player will be kicked)

/vote – opens the voting menu (currently available only in Slovak, the votes are for /mute (15mins), /kick (1h) and /ban (24h) for troublemakers)


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